To the staff of Riverview Chiropractic Center. I just wanted to drop you a note and compliment you on the attention I received the other day in your office. From my first conversation on the phone with Susan I felt like you really cared about me. When I showed up in the office for my appointment the staff made me feel like I was the only person who mattered. The prompt attention I received from the woman at the desk, Anna I think, cought me off guard. I really expected to be sitting and waiting for anyone to talk to me for a while. I barely got in the door and she greeted me with a smile and immediately got me going on my paperwork. The Susan greeted me and said it ws nice to meet the person behind the voice...she remembered me! Once my paperwork was done I was brought into see Dr. Steve and he performed one of the most detailed examinations I have ever had! I really could tell he cared and genuinely wanted to help me. I know it will take some time for my pain to go away, but it is comforting to know that everything is being done to help me. I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate the way you have treated me. Helen C.

Just came home from my massage with Kelly and I wanted to send her a note to let her know how much better I feel already. The tension in my neck is gone and the headache subsided. Just one hour and I am a new woman! Thanks Kelly! Already have another schedualed for next week! Erin K.

I was asked to provide a testimonial for Dr. Steve Minafri and it's an absolute pleasure to do so! If you're reading this, you're trying to decide whether joining his practice is right for you and what his clients think. I've been seeing the Dr. and his staff for many years and I hope providing you with my insight is of help to you.

I began looking for alternative and non Rx ways of treating sinus, stress and pain in my neck, back and shoulder areas. Seeing many other doctors over the years, each one prescribed various prescription medicines and conflicting reasons for what I was experiencing. I kept thinking, "we are only addressing symptoms not looking for or addressing a root cause". For me, taking prescription medication, unless absolutely necessary, could cause a magnitude of other issues so why would I want to continue down this path unless I had no other choice. As such, I questioned what I really wanted for my life and why I should "live with the symptoms and take prescription medicines" not looking for or addressing the root cause. In my mind there had to be a better and alternative way to correct and/or relieve what I was experiencing and not add a magnitude of other things I needed to watch for taking prescription medicines which addressed symptoms and not trying to work to correct the root cause.

I saw several chiropractors and found Dr. Minafri to be very different in his approach. He thoroughly examines and talks with his patients before working with them. He shares his knowledge with you as a partner in your healthcare and you "work together" to address your concerns. He's not a fan of prescriptions (unless absolutely necessary and he will tell you so) and consistently monitors how you are doing.

I have a come a long way and no longer take prescription medicines. I continue to see the Dr. to maintain my health and he is my 1st choice to see when I experience things I need to address. He and his staff are always there to partner with me for my healthcare needs.

All the best to you,
Karen K.

This was the best decision I have made! I have been having the chronic pain for years and figured it was just something I had to live with. My neighbor, a patient of Dr. Minafri's told me how he was helped with his arthritis and I figured I had nothing to lose. Boy, was I wrong! The chronic sciatica I have had since a college football injury is gone! I never dreamed of NOT having the pain! It is just as close to a mericle as you can get. If I had known that chiropractic and Dr. Minafri could do this, I'd have been here years ago! Thanks Doc!
Marc K.

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