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We are now able to help you more with the addition of medical services.  We have started Trigger Point Injections.  these injections can help with painfull areas of muscle spasms, restricted motion, and muscular injuries.  We are able, under the effects of Lidocaine, to work the injured musculature without creating pain and discomfort for you while we work to correct the problem.  Our physician assistant (PA-C) will give you a comprehensive examination, and in conjunction with our doctors, determine what treatments are best suited for treating your condition.

We are now credentialed to provide Durable Medical Equipment to our patients.  Using supports, splints, T.E.N.S. units, and other pieces of equipment we are able to provide support for injured areas when you are not in the office, to help heal, and to prevent reinjury or aggrivation of the injuries.

We are now providing patients with extensive rehabilitation in the office to not only help heal the tissues, but to rebuild the musculature and strengthen the areas to prevent future injuries.  Our new goal is not just to repair the injury, but to prevent future injuries to the area.

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